Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tool #9

I believe tying technology into the curriculum objectives is important because it gives us as educators a new angle to inspire students to learn. Students are fascinated by the latest technological devices and would rather be spending time with their technologies than learning in a classroom setting, so why not combine the two? This way, the students will see the curriculum in a way they find interesting. However, if the students are to use these devices they should be required to take care of them as well. They need to know that it is a privilege to be able to use such devices and they should care for the devices as such. If they do not care for these devices and hold themselves accountable for the devices condition, should something go wrong with the device, the students device privilege should be revoked.
In addition, after visiting the links to external websites i was able to find www.casadejoana.com.  This sight contains Spanish lesson plans and resources for both the students and the teacher. It also gives many links to different Spanish websites, which i believe will allow students to not only get a chance to use what their learning in the classroom to understand the content, but also learn a bit of the culture that goes along with the Spanish speaking websites.  Furthermore, I feel that a simple site such as Yahoo en espanol or cnn en espanol can serve as a very beneficial teaching tool in Spanish classes. These websites will give students the opportunity to see the similarities and differences between the Spanish and English cultures. By utilizing these websites the student can use their own knowledge of the Spanish language to report on important news taking place in spanish speaking countries.
As far as apps for the ipad/ipod that would be beneficial in a Spanish classroom there are many.Verb conjugation apps such as "spanish verbs" will be quite useful in showing the students the different ways to conjugate verbs, and the different tenses the verbs can be conjugated in. Also a simple flash card app can be helpful for students and teachers. Students can create flash cards for their own study, and teachers can create a series of flash cards as a review or study guide for an upcoming exam so that the entire class can use.
Furthermore, i see my students being able to use the ipad/ipod to be able to further their interest in the Spanish culture. While the textbooks can give the students brief glimpse of what its like to be in a Spanish speaking environment, the ipad/ipod will give them a gateway to explore deeper into the culture.

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