Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tool #10

While the addition of technology into the classroom would unquestionably aid the learning environment, it is important for both teachers and students to practice good "digital citizenship." Things such as viewing appropriate material and content must always be the number one priority when using these devices. Also, tinkering with the devices hard drives and safety applications to gain access to inappropriate material is a violation of the districts security policies. These devices should be used for education purposes only, not for leisure. Any violation of these rules would be the same as violating a district or school wide rule and should be punished as such.
Being that I teach High school students, I believe they have been exposed to both the good and the bad that the digital world has to offer. I trust that most of these kids will know how to be good digital citizens already however, i found the isafe sight to be very useful in showing many good techniques to remain safe in the digital world.
I think the idea of good digital citizenship should be taught to the parents the same way it it should be taught to the students. If the content the student is viewing, or the action he/she is performing, would not be acceptable to show their family, than it is not acceptable for school. I also believe the techniques the students learn should be passed along to the parents so that they can feel comfortable their child is safe online and using the new technologies for positive learning.

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